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Prolific PL-2303 driver Device Cannot Start Windows Vista 64bit and Windows 7

I was working on this problem for one of our Fort Myers Business Tech Support Clients, but I’ve had this problem a couple times and the solution seems to be slightly different each time.  The problem presents itself as a Device in Device Manager showing “”The Device Cannot Start (Code 10)” after you’ve installed the […] is the worst Host I’ve ever dealt with.

This is my rant. I’ve dealt with enough hosts in my day. Some were great ( some are pretty good ( Some are just plain mind numbingly terrible…Hostway. Apart from spending long amounts of time on hold just to get confusing answers from customer service people who have no idea what they are doing. I’ve […]

No Incoming Calls from Gizmo5 on your PBX in a Flash/Asterisk Install?

I copied over my configuration from Trixbox to my new PBX in a Flash install. I could make outgoing calls over Gizmo5, but incoming calls were disappearing. I found this post on the Gizmo5 Forums that cleared things up. change the context=* field to: context=from-pstn. I reloaded asterisk and bam, everything worked. I had copied […]

Hard Refresh a Page in Firefox on a Mac (Ctrl+F5)

Firefox Logo

If you’re reading this chances are you’ve probably already learned that Ctrl + F5 in Firefox  on Mac OSX opens the screen reader. Typically in most browsers Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer etcetera, Ctrl + F5 hard refreshes the page. Meaning that the browser does not read any of the information on the page from cache, […]