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WiFi & Wireless Networks

Wireless access allows your computers and other hardware to function without the use of inconvenient wires. The most common wireless access solution is the wireless LAN, or wireless Local Area Network. A WLAN allows computers and hardware to communicate via radio waves rather than wires, uncluttering an office environment. Larger offices and businesses may need a wireless MAN, or Metropolitan Area Network, which is a connection between multiple WLANs.

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With wireless access, space is no longer an obstacle when organizing your business. You can put hardware virtually anywhere, knowing you don’t need to worry about proximity to a router or to another computer. You will also be able to more easily add new hardware to your setup without having to concern yourself about how it will connect.

Greenwire Technology Solutions can help you set up wireless access in your office. Keep in mind that wireless access will also invoke the need for wireless security, as wireless connections are even more vulnerable to attack than traditional Internet connections. Greenwire can discuss all your wireless security options with you and will set up your Wi-Fi network with efficiency and care.

How A Good Network
Can Benefit You

Increased Mobility

Increased mobility is by far the biggest attraction that wireless networking holds for most businesses. Being able to sit at any terminal, anywhere in the building and access the server is a great advantage.

Work Anywhere

When laptops were developed, because of the new mobility convenience factor that they brought within them, this gave added impetus to the advantages of being able to work anywhere within range of the wireless network signal. It means that not only can employees now access information from the server, wherever they are in the premises, but it also enables colleagues to collaborate and share information in meetings held anywhere; either in a corner of the office, a bespoke meeting room, or even the staff canteen. It enables total mobility.

Bring Your Own Device

The increased mobility factor both enables and facilitates the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon, which more and more businesses are now taking advantage of. Laptops, Tablets, and Smartphones that belong to individual employees are now being brought into the workplace and are being given access rights to the wireless network. As well, as making it more convenient for employees to carry out their tasks, BYOD also represents a potential cost saving, as businesses no longer have to fund the hardware cost of the devices themselves.

Increased Productivity

Another important by-product of the increased mobility factor is that it promotes increased productivity, allowing employees to collaborate where and when they need to. It brings freedom of operation and speeds up the working process. But there is another factor too, and that is that employees take their device’s home with them, and can work, (as many do), in their own time when it’s convenient to do so.

Connect Remotely

Wireless networking has also gone into the public domain, with Wi-Fi hotspots being available in many high street coffee shops, hotels, railway stations, airports, universities, hospitals, etc. It enables people to get onto the Internet when they’re away from the office, or away from home. People can pick up their emails, both social and business, and if their place of work allows, can also connect into the business network remotely.

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LAN/WAN Design and Installation

Greenwire Technology Solutions enables businesses to be more successful, designing and implementing Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN) that maximize voice communications and data exchange. Our extensive experience with these systems allows us to forge technology partnerships with the industry’s top equipment manufacturers, including HP, Enterasys, Cisco Systems, CheckPoint, Fortinet, and Barracuda Systems. We are uniquely qualified to evaluate and address each of our customers’ unique network needs, allowing those businesses to meet or exceed their short and long-term objectives.

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Effective LAN/WAN designs manage data traffic, provide QoS (Quality of Service) for voice and video, and address potential security threats. Whether you need a local, remote, mobile workforce, or combined system, Greenwire will build the solution that fits all your prerequisites.

We select the appropriate technologies for the design, migrate network configurations and provide technical support for the entire project. With years of network experience, Greenwire offers reliable recommendations for all related expenditures, helping our clients achieve maximum return on their investments.

Structured Cabling

Greenwire Technology Solutions specializes in the design, installation and service of structured wire cabling systems that support multi-product, multi-vendor tele-communications networks. At Greenwire, we understand the dynamic nature of modern technology and how it impacts your business. We’ll meet with you to assess your company’s current and future networking requirements, educate you on the latest structured wire cabling technologies, explain your options and design a high-quality, cost-effective cable system that works for you.

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Point To Point

Point to point wireless network links connect two locations together through line of sight (LOS), operating in unlicensed/licensed radio frequencies or through free space optics with speeds available between 100mbps to 10Gbps.

The point-to-point wireless topology (also called P2P) is the simplest network architecture you can set up in order to connect two locations using a wireless radio link. Point-to-point wireless links can go from a short-range link connecting two locations just a few hundreds meters apart to a long range point-to-point wireless link that connects two locations tens of miles away from each other. In a point to-point-wireless link, distance is affected by the height of each Ethernet radio device, the frequency used, the power level, and environmental interference.

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