Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

In many kinds of modern businesses, disaster recovery and business continuity are key for their reliability and growth. These types of prepared approaches help companies avoid data loss and business disruption that can have a dramatically negative effect on operations. These plans are vital to the continuity and recovery for your business in the event of an emergency or disaster.

Business continuity and disaster recovery make sure employees and systems know how to respond to unplanned outages and emergencies. That might be related to a natural disaster at a business location, or it might be related to hacking and unauthorized tampering with data. It might have to do with power outages or damaged hardware.

No matter what it is, building better systems helps to eliminate the risks around these kinds of business obstacles. These plans make sure that the company is moving forward, growing and scaling, on solid ground.

Why Businesses Need Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Most businesses today run on the premise of using available data and information. Even businesses providing physical products or services usually have most of their information on computers and deploy mobile devices and other hardware daily.

That means they need adequate support for all of these digital operations, because practically speaking, there is no alternative way to do business in real time. Paper records are, increasingly, obsolete. If everything is on computers, what do you do if the computers go down?

What Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Systems Do?

Disaster recovery and business continuity systems are responsible for providing consistent and verified uptime for business operations. For example, a hosted data center service can provide a redundant design where there is no single point of failure. If one server goes down suddenly, the data processes immediately switch to some other location and keep right on working.

Another aspect of this is data backups. If all business data is continually backed up, there’s a replacement copy in case something happens to the original. This type of utility is also useful in countering ransomware attacks, where outsiders are holding important data hostage and demanding ransom, often in the form of cryptocurrency, and other forms of hacking and data piracy. 

Specialized groups like the Business Continuity Institute maintain resources showing more about how these systems are generally made effective. 

Business continuity plans also cover what steps employees should take in the event of an emergency. With a business continuity plan, employees are trained to know and execute a series of steps that can protect the physical business, clients, data, or even your reputation. 

How We Can Help

Think about the ways that disaster recovery and business continuity can benefit your business. Greenwire Solutions can help with all of the above aspects of disaster recovery and business continuity, as well as litigation support, data forensics, and more. 

Get managed services from a business partner that knows the landscape better than anyone, and get the safeguards that you need to counter all of the obstacles that chance might put before you.