is the worst Host I’ve ever dealt with.

This is my rant. I’ve dealt with enough hosts in my day. Some were great ( some are pretty good ( Some are just plain mind numbingly terrible…Hostway. Apart from spending long amounts of time on hold just to get confusing answers from customer service people who have no idea what they are doing. I’ve repeatedly been told that my customer is unable to do a variety of things on his account because “it’s too old”. They’ve literally told me on the phone that the loyalty of my customer was the reason why he was unable to perform certain account functions. When I asked if I could upgrade the account in anyway to perform these functions, I was blunty told no. I’m used to deprecated systems and confusing answers from customer service, it wasn’t until I realised that I was unable to set DNS records on my customer’s domains without buying a hosting account for the domain. I realised it was time to move on. Here are the reasons why you should avoid Hostway like the plague.

1. Terrible Customer Support.

2. They’ll nickle and dime you for things that should be free

3. The account panel belongs in 1997 (takes around 200 clicks to transfer five domains)

4. FTP is Painfully slow

5. Terrible Customer Support.

Now the domain I’m transfering’s whois record has mysteriously disappeared without the transfer beginning correctly. Let’s see how many days it takes hostway to get back to my support email.

It’s a long slow road to migrate these accounts off of here, I just hope I can spare some else this frustration.