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No Incoming Calls from Gizmo5 on your PBX in a Flash/Asterisk Install?

I copied over my configuration from Trixbox to my new PBX in a Flash install. I could make outgoing calls over Gizmo5, but incoming calls were disappearing. I found this post on the Gizmo5 Forums that cleared things up. change the context=* field to: context=from-pstn. I reloaded asterisk and bam, everything worked. I had copied […]

Trixbox Bought by Fonality, Where did the Knowledgebase go?

As any of you that have been following links to: lately may have realised. The entire Trixbox knowledge base and all of it’s rather important and helpful articles have disappeared. Furthermore, the whole thing has been rebranded to the Fonality Knowledgebase. Typically I wouldn’t complain, but it seems as if it’s been down for […]