Yearly Archives: 2008

How to Wipe a Hard Drive before Donation. Zerowrite, Low-Level Format.

The Charity Mission Create asked me to create for them a disk that would allow them to protect the information stored on computers that were donated to them. I’m sure this is a common problem as people want to be certain that when they donate a computer, their personal information will be protected. For that […]

Acer X193W Product Review

I just picked up this new monitor during Newegg’s Black Friday Presale. Beware, there are two version of this monitor, the X193W and the X193W+DB. But as part of Black Friday it was only 99.99, shipped. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.  The monitor is pretty nice, the colour’s are rich, and I’m […]

When does a T1 make sense?

Should I get a T1? Should I get rid of my T1? There are a lot of common misconceptions about T1s. The biggest one being that they are fast, they’re not. However a T1connection is more than just a antiquated form of broadband. There is a lot a T1 can do you for and your […]

Thunderbird keeps asking for Gmail IMAP password.

I installed Thunderbird for a client today after his copy of Outlook Express kept giving him grief with his Gmail IMAP. I’ve always been very happy with Thunderbird, as far as a light mail client goes, it covers most of the bases. I noticed a peculiar error today whereas it would prompt for a password […]

How to Bridge your Wireless Network Across the Street

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been in this predictament. A client a few months ago called me with a problem. He said that his office was across the street from his home, but that because of a decrease in work, he had to cut back on his budget. The first thing […]

SmartNET Contract for Cisco 7970G

We no longer sell the SmartNET Service Agreements for these phones! (Necessary to get Firmware) If you try to call CDW and order a SmartNET Contract for your Cisco 7970G Phone. You will be frustrated and stonewalled. Not because CDW are impolite people, in fact they are very nice and helpful. But because they accidentally give Cisco […]

Antivirus 2008/2009 Removal

Recently it seems like this virus has gotten almost out of control. From what I understand and I have seen it’s not so much a virus in it’s own, but a downloader for other much more nefarious programmes. It seems as if everytime I see this virus it has different attributes, different executables, and libraries. […]

Changing Line Spacing in Acrobat Pro

Today I set up a PDF Form for a local company. Up until now they had been using triplicate carbon copies on a type writer to write up proposals. So, what I did was I scanned the template they had for the Proposals and I imported it into Adobe Professional. In order to make the […]

HP Officejet J4680

To this day I have yet found a wireless or wired print server that worked right under 100$ that wasn’t a HP. They never cease to amaze me how good their products are compared to the other consumer electronics manufacturers. My customer was looking to print wirelessly, and having previous experiences with USB Wired Print […]