SmartNET Contract for Cisco 7970G

We no longer sell the SmartNET Service Agreements for these phones! (Necessary to get Firmware)

If you try to call CDW and order a SmartNET Contract for your Cisco 7970G Phone. You will be frustrated and stonewalled. Not because CDW are impolite people, in fact they are very nice and helpful. But because they accidentally give Cisco the wrong Part number. I called a few months ago and asked them for a SmartNET contract on a Cisco 7970G. I was told that Cisco had no available SmartNET contracts for that device, despite being posted on their website. Being confused and frustrated, I gave up. A user on the trixbox forums was even told that he would have to buy a contract that covered all Cisco phones for 90$. Being frustrated and deterred I gave up. Until I needed to flash another phone. I figured it was impossible that Cisco would A. lock their firmwares away from users, then B. not have a contract for the locked away firmwares.

The trick is the CP and the -. CP-7970G is the part number not CP7970G. It took me 20 minutes on the phone with Cisco for her to find that she was missing the all important “CP-” section of the device name. If you run into the same problem, call Cisco at 1-800-GO-CISCO and ask for the “Service Contract Center”. Have them look for the part number CP-7970G. Then Conference call your CDW representative. I’m waiting for a call back from my customer rep, then maybe I’ll update with a successful order.

Update1: I’ve gotten the “Dropship Specialist” to accept my order. I had to give her three different Serial Numbers before she said that one was valid. This may be an isolated issue, but I bet having photos of your phones might help. Waiting now for confirmation it went through.

Update2: I now have a lovely new firmware for my 7970s! I waited a couple days without and response. I asked my rep what was going on and she said I should have received an e-mail from Cisco. She contacted someone and moments later, I received my contract number in my inbox. Fantastic! The contract number is the tiny number at the top of the email. Follow the instructions in the email for adding the contract to your profile. The contract number at the top of the email is the one they will ask for. In a few hours you’ll profile will be updated and you’ll have access to the firmwares.