Acer X193W Product Review

I just picked up this new monitor during Newegg’s Black Friday Presale. Beware, there are two version of this monitor, the X193W and the X193W+DB. But as part of Black Friday it was only 99.99, shipped. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.Â


Acer X192w at

The monitor is pretty nice, the colour’s are rich, and I’m starting to become spoiled having the wider screen. Watching movies in the correct Aspect Ratio is a completely new and splendid experience. The monitor seems to support refresh rates of 60 and 75hz, which is fine by me since I rarely venture out of 60hz. My one real complaint is the max resolution. The max resolution on this monitor is only 1440 by 900 (1440×900). Based on the pixel width of the monitor, that would seem big. But the 900 vertical pixels is painful, especially if you’re used to 1280 by 1024. When I move between screens I have to re-size windows and lots of information I’m used to having in one screen-full gets cut off.

A few days after I ordered this monitor, Newegg ran the DVI version which supports all of the resolutions I could ever want for 89.99$ after rebate (Retail $139.99). I was heart broken. I tried to call Customer Service and get them to swap mine out for the DVI version, but they said that my analog only version was already on the loading dock. Apart from this little hiccup this monitor is really pretty satisfying. Apart from two other minor complaints. The buttons underneath the monitor are difficult to reach, and finding what exactly to press takes a little bit. Furthermore the stand that elevates the monitor is far too close to the ground. I had to resort to putting a book underneath it to elevate it to the same level as my other monitors.

The price however, is right, from previous experience if a monitor sells at Black Friday for $99.99, it usually will be MSRPed at that price by year’s end. If you have the option to get the DVI version, even if it costs 20-30$ more, it’s worth it. It’s the best way to unlock what this monitor can do.