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Office 2010 Home and Student, Unable to “Open With” Word, Excel etc.

A customer just brought in a machine to be reformatted, and asked us to put Office on it for him. However as of now we are still waiting for our first retail copies of Office 2010 Home and Student to arrive. Thinking I was clever I installed the trial version from the Microsoft Website and […]

Complete Guide to Install Windows 7 on the eee PC 1000 series (Drivers, ACPI and All)

I saw a few incomplete guides out there, including the one that I used to install Windows 7 on my eee PC 1000. I figured this would be a good time to make a guide specifically for you in the same situation as I was. This guide will tell you how to acquire Windows 7, […]

How to Install Windows XP on a Dell Vostro 220 or Vostro 1520, the Crashless way!

Vostro 220MT

Steps that you must perform before Windows XP will Install: Below is a narration. Switch Hard Drive Controller from AHCI to ATA: F2 at BIOS Screen Standard CMOS Features SATA Mode: Change from AHCI to ATA Make sure your Windows XP CD is Slipstreamed to SP2 or 3 Download nLite from here Download Service Pack […]

How to Tether an eee PC to an iPhone

Before I begin let me give you a disclaimer: TETHERING YOUR IPHONE TO A COMPUTER IS AGAINST THE ATT TERMS OF SERVICE DO NOT DO IT JAILBREAKING YOUR IPHONE WILL END YOUR IPHONE’S WARRANTY DO NOT DO IT Before we get started let me explain some of the risks. Jail-breaking your iPhone can be dangerous, […]