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Changing Line Spacing in Acrobat Pro

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Changing Line Spacing in Acrobat Pro

Today I set up a PDF Form for a local company. Up until now they had been using triplicate carbon copies on a type writer to write up proposals. So, what I did was I scanned the template they had for the Proposals and I imported it into Adobe Professional.

In order to make the form look good, I had to set up form text boxes over the spaces where previously they had typed things in with the typewriter. I consistently had the problem where the lines would not match up. Being a good little Word user I searched around for a paragraph box…to no avail.

About 20 minutes later, I realised there was no easy way to change the line spacing on Forms. After some googling I found a few posts on various forums. Most of them, unfortunately useless. Until eventually someone suggested that I use rich-text formatting to configure the box to accept 9.5 pt spacing. I tried this. It worked for all of one save. Just as quickly as I had changed it, the RTF formatting had disappeared. Anyway, I ended up manually removing the lines from the forms with GIMP, and hard coding the font-size. In the end it looks pretty good. But it’s still frustrating that a piece of software as widely used and as expensive as Acrobat, would miss something so mundane and simple. I’m sure there is a pissed off Slashdot post about it somewhere.

If anyone knows a better way, Comment me.

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  • Ashwani
    Posted at 1:41 pm, November 6, 2009

    Hey, I tried changing line spacing options by going to EDIT, PREFERENCES (Ctrl + K) then under Units & Guides change settings in Layout Grid. It gives options to change the width and height between the lines.
    Of course, there can be a better way of doing this but I will let Acrobat sleep over it. Easy money and beautiful girls thats what life is about. Why spoil the fun 😉

  • Brent
    Posted at 2:23 am, January 31, 2012

    Hey Ashwani, The setting you direct us to is for your “Layout grid” – not line spacing of text. Thanks, however for the tip on what life’s all about. Your wrong there too but you wrote this 4 years ago and you probably know that by now

  • Duartexas
    Posted at 4:46 pm, November 13, 2012

    Hey Brent I would agree with you, but you got get your Maths right… Ashwani have wrote that 2 years ago from your post and not 4.

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