0 Removed from Cisco Firmware Naming P0S3-08-11-00 becomes P0S3-8-12-00?

This problem had me going nuts for about 30 minutes. Typically when an update comes out, I just edit all of my configuration files by changing the subversion up by one number. This time around I was having problems with the phones unable to find the firmware on the TFTP Server. My aha moment came when I ran the following commands:
root@pbx:/tftpboot $ ls *08-11*
P003-08-11-00.bin P003-08-11-00.sbn P0S3-08-11-00.loads P0S3-08-11-00.sb2
root@pbx:/tftpboot $ ls *08-12*
ls: *08-12*: No such file or directory

Cisco has changed the syntax ever so slightly from 08-* to 8-*. Hope that helps someone!