Trixbox Bought by Fonality, Where did the Knowledgebase go?

As any of you that have been following links to: lately may have realised. The entire Trixbox knowledge base and all of it’s rather important and helpful articles have disappeared. Furthermore, the whole thing has been rebranded to the Fonality Knowledgebase. Typically I wouldn’t complain, but it seems as if it’s been down for quite sometime, and I can’t access important things like “Minimum System Requirements for Trixbox”. and “Trixbox_Pro_Security”. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was a less important FAQ, but such fundamentals as locking down your new install is pretty serious. At first I thought that maybe Fonality would bring a professional finish to the Trixbox project, but my doubts are starting to grow. If they can’t keep the knowledgebase up without wiping the database, what other mistakes may they introduce into Trixbox?