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Meraki Content Filtering Problems, Google Searches not Filtered

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Meraki MX50

Meraki Content Filtering Problems, Google Searches not Filtered

A couple weeks ago one of our IT Support Engineers ran into a substantial problems with one of our Local Fort Myers Business IT Clients. We had recently installed a Meraki MX70 Security Appliance in a fairly large environment. The client informed us that despite our thorough rules having been deployed, vulgar keywords were still showing up in Google Results. We found this to be incredibly strange and for the most part assumed that we had messed something up with the configuration. We opened a ticket with Meraki, who actually have really good support, and found out something quite astonishing.

The Meraki MX60, MX70 and MX80 have absolutely terrible content filtering. It’s apparently a known bug in these models that they have some sort of cache issue whereas the routers can’t keep up with the entire content filtering database. Meraki’s suggestion was to enable enforced safesearch on all of the clients. But as any IT technician will tell you that’s not a reasonable answer to this problem.

This is quite the shame as we absolutely love this Meraki equipment, it’s otherwise worked fairly well. Up until this point we had almost entirely gotten away from Sonicwall, but it looks like we’re going to have to go back to Sonicwall for a while until Meraki sorts out this peculiar bug.

Greenwire Technology Solutions
  • Posted at 10:31 am, October 29, 2012

    Hi there,

    I am the Meraki MX product manager. I am sorry to hear that you’ve hit a snag with our content filtering solution. The issue has been fixed. Please drop me an email and I’ll be sure to have our support team upgrade your network.


  • Matt
    Posted at 3:51 pm, January 10, 2013

    “We are working on a long term solution, which should be available somewhere between April to June time frame.”

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