The WAPPOE and WAPPOE12 Unofficial Compatibility List

I purchased the WAPPOE12 for a customer who had a WRT54GX. The original tech who installed the Router opened up the cable and built a 12V injector using the unused pairs within a CAT5 cable. As much as this is a functional method of doing POE, and as many times I may have done this exact same thing in the past, I much prefer to go the standard compliant route when installing commercial solutions. For this reason I bought what seemed like a solution to all my problems, the WAPPOE12. Unfortunately as soon as I plugged it in the WRT54GX started to blink up a confused storm, I ran out and bought a WRT110 which is not on the compatibility list however and it works just fine. To make matters even more confusing the power adapter from the WRT110 works on the WRT54GX without any problems. Anyway, to conclude the WAPPOE and WAPPOE12 are finicky and the compatability list from Linksys is truncated and out of date. For this reason I’m going to be using this post as an unofficial compatability list for users looking to buy one of these products. If you know another product that works, or does not work leave a comment and I’ll add it to the list. Compatible: WAPPOE12 (12V)
  • AG041
  • BEFSX41
  • BEFW11S4 v4
  • RT31P2 v1.2 and 2
  • WAP54G v2
  • WCG200
  • WGA54G
  • WPS54GU2
  • WRK54G
  • WRT54G
  • WRT54GS
  • WRT54GP2
  • WRT110
  • WAP11
  • WAP11 v2.2
  • WAP11 v2.6
  • WAP11 v2.8
  • WAP54G,
  • WAP55AG
  • WAP51AB
  • BEFSR41
  • BEFSR11
  • BEFSR81
  • HPRO200
  • BEFVP41
  • BEFW11S4,
  • WET54G
  • WET11
Not Compatible:
  • WRT54GX (12V)
  • WRT54GL (reported via comment)