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PXE Booting in Linux

I was reading slashdot today and found this article: I remember having tried to do this in the past with an openfiler installation and an atom box, I ended up getting frustrated and moving on but this sheds a lot more light on how the process works and how to get it working. It’s […]

How to show dhcpd leases on CentOS (and most linux distros)

To show your current dhcpd table of leases is fairly simple. Connect to your server either locally or via ssh and then run the following lines.   cd /var/lib/dhcpd cat dhcpd.leases   OR TO EDIT   nano dhcpd.leases   From there you can either view or edit your current dhcpd ip address leases.

Script to automatically turn your CentOS 5.2 installation into a Router with Squid Caching

I’ve put a lot of time into this guy! And I’m proud to share it with you. This script and configuration files, when configured correctly for your network will turn your CentOS 5.2 installation into a network router with dhcp, dns, squid, samba, iptables and webmin. I’ve also provided all of these files tarballed together […]

unrecognized: ‘httpd_accel virtual 80’

Trying to install a Transparent Squid Proxy? Keep getting the error message: 2009/02/13 17:09:31| parseConfigFile: line 15 unrecognized: ‘httpd_accel_host virtual’ 2009/02/13 17:09:31| parseConfigFile: line 16 unrecognized: ‘httpd_accel_port 80’ 2009/02/13 17:09:31| parseConfigFile: line 17 unrecognized: ‘httpd_accel_with_proxy on’ 2009/02/13 17:09:31| parseConfigFile: line 18 unrecognized: ‘httpd_accel_uses_host_header on’ ? Squid deprecated that format you can now replace all of […]