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Security Surveillance System for Southwest Florida

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Security camera surveillance

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Our knowledgeable technology professionals have years of experience in residential, commercial, corporate, educational, and government industries.

Keep your home or business safe in Southwest Florida with our comprehensive line of security cameras. Greenwire Technology Solutions offers modern security and surveillance equipment with convenient viewing from your cell phone, tablet or laptop. Businesses are often targeted for burglaries, but with the proper surveillance systems in place, you can deter them from breaking and entering. You can also sleep easy or go on vacation knowing your home is being monitored by HD capable cameras with live feeds that can be accessed anywhere with internet connectivity. Residential and commercial customers alike can get peace of mind when they set up our security surveillance systems. Consult with our service professionals to see how we can help.

Security Cameras for Your Home or Business

Security access
If you’re located in a dark, desolate area, the chances of a thief breaking in go up. However, break ins happen even in well-lit places. So, one of the best ways to prevent this scenario is to have a prominent video surveillance system. Even if a burglary happens, the high-resolution video you have access to can help you catch the culprit when you report it to authorities. Monitor your premises and decrease the likelihood that your possessions will get stolen.

We offer the following kinds of security camera options for Southwest Florida homes and businesses:

  • Infrared Security Cameras
  • Dome Security Cameras
  • Outdoor CCTV Cameras
  • Vandal Resistant
  • IP Cameras
  • Bullet Security Cameras
  • Fisheye 360 Degree Cameras
  • HD CCTV Cameras
  • Wide Dynamic Range Cameras
  • Box Cameras
  • License Plate Cameras
  • Wireless Cameras
  • Miniature Cameras

Highly Capable Surveillance Systems

Our surveillance systems include highly capable dome, night vision and bullet surveillance cameras for indoor and outdoor use. We have internet protocol (IP) cameras that provide a digital video feed that you can view from wherever you are. This advancement in video surveillance systems is transmitted over Cat5 cables instead of the RG59 analog coaxial cables. This means we can achieve between 1.3 and 5 megapixels for sharper, higher resolution footage. Even after business hours, our infrared LED cameras can capture images in low light or no light at all. We have security surveillance systems that will meet your needs and fall within your budget.

Get Quality Video Surveillance

Greenwire Technology Solutions offers high-end security and surveillance equipment for homes and businesses in the Southwest Florida area. We’ve been in the technology industry since 2008, providing excellent customer service and quality products. Our experts are well-trained and hold professional certifications, so you can trust them to bring you the latest in residential and commercial surveillance systems. We are knowledgeable about the various kinds of cameras and capabilities on the market today and we can help you find the one that suits you best. Set a consultation with our industry professionals and get a comprehensive security surveillance system for your property.

Contact Greenwire Technology Solutions

The team at Greenwire Technology Solutions is available to provide advice and installations for video surveillance systems. With high-resolution video monitoring, you can rest easy knowing your property in Southwest Florida is safe. Reach out to us today at 239-444-5522 to request more information about our products and services.

We service the following cities and their surrounding areas:

  • Bonita Springs, FL
  • Cape Coral, FL
  • Fort Myers, FL
  • Naples, FL
  • North Naples, FL

Get expert help from trusted professionals.

Our knowledgeable technology professionals have years of experience in residential, commercial, corporate, educational, and government industries.