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Does your office in Cape Coral need network installation services? Then look to Greenwire Technology Solutions. Our experts are the ones to call to make your office space more efficient and organized. Wireless access is such an important thing to have, and we’ll make sure that you can maintain your performance levels with our professional network setup solutions. When Greenwire Technology Solutions is on the job, you can expect a smooth Wi-Fi network setup. We provide a full range of technology solutions. This includes computers, networks and internet-based phone systems. In addition, we also offer on-site and remote service and support to all of our clients. We can do this through a per-visit or flat-monthly-fee payment plan. Greenwire Technology Solutions is the team to call for all your network needs in Cape Coral, FL.

Network Setup Services – Getting Wireless Access

Wireless access is such a vital thing for everyone because it lets your computers and hardware function without having wires get in your way. The most common wireless access option is the WLAN (wireless local area network). A WLAN lets your computers connect through radio waves rather than wires. This can really help declutter your work environment. While WLANs are an effective solution, bigger offices might need WMAN (wireless metropolitan area network).

Having wireless access can really free up your space and let you better organize your work environment. You could potentially put your hardware anywhere without needing to be close to a router. Wireless access also allows you to add more equipment to your setup since you won’t have to worry about how to connect it.

Greenwire Technology Solutions can provide you network installation services for your office in Cape Coral, FL. In addition to our network setup services, we can help you out with wireless security. It’s important to have the proper security put in place because wireless networks are more vulnerable to hacking than traditional Internet connections. When you partner with Greenwire Technology Solutions, we can talk about your wireless security options and proceed with your network installation with the proper care.

Network Design & Installation

We’re here to help your business be more successful by designing and implementing LANs/WANs (local and wide area networks). This can help your company maximize your communications and data exchange. Greenwire Technology Solutions has an extensive background with these types of systems, and we can build partnerships with the most reputable equipment manufacturers, such as:

  • Enterasys
  • Cisco Systems
  • CheckPoint
  • Fortinet
  • Barracuda Systems

We are qualified to handle our clients’ unique network needs. Whatever your business’ objectives are, we can make sure your network setup keeps up.

When we’re installing your Wi-Fi setup, we use the proper technologies for the design, migrate network configurations and provide you with technical support for the whole project. You can count on our years of experience in network setups.

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Having the perfect Wi-Fi network setup can make a huge difference for your business’ operations, and Greenwire Technology Solutions is your number one source in Cape Coral, FL. Our experts will make sure you have everything you need when we’re doing a network installation for you. Contact us today at 239-299-9907 to learn more about our network setup services.

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