IT Services for Small Businesses

Small businesses may not have the means to hire a dedicated IT team to look into a host of IT concerns ranging from telecommunications to cybersecurity. With Greenwire, business owners can be assured of IT services that will meet their small business needs.

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About Greenwire

Greenwire has over a decade of experience in IT solutions. Launched in 2008, Greenwire offers on-site and remote IT services that can be tailored to meet your business needs. 

Greenwire is a team of dedicated IT professionals who have industry-level certifications. Greenwire also has partnerships with trusted leaders in the IT industry so that all your IT needs are met. 

Why Choose Greenwire

Small businesses have their work cut out for them. Besides competing with more established companies, small businesses also have to look into the day-to-day business operations, including their IT needs. Businesses in this day and age are looking to technology as a part of their daily business operations. Greenwire’s IT services for small businesses have you covered.

Our Services


Telephone bill costs are one of the costs that small businesses can look into reducing. By cutting telephone bill costs, small businesses can allocate these funds towards more significant capital expenditures to drive business growth. 

Using VoIP technology, small business owners can conduct their over-the-phone business transactions without the additional cost of overseas phone calls. Greenwire can also improve communication inside the office through VoIP technology. 

Managed IT Services

Even small businesses can fall prey to potential cyber-attacks and security breaches. Greenwire can help secure your business data through its cost-effective Managed IT Services. 


Greenwire will help secure your business by providing cybersecurity solutions that will protect your data 24/7. Greenwire employs state-of-the-art IT solutions that will alert you to any potential threats to data integrity. In addition to protecting your system’s integrity, Greenwire also installs, maintains, and updates your systems so that you can focus on your business.


Even without an organic IT team, small businesses can make the IT decisions that they need with Greenwire. Greenwire’s team of experts provide small businesses with IT consulting services tailored to their needs. Business owners can rest easy knowing that they will always have expert advice regarding IT matters. 

Computer Repairs and Servicing

Computers are an integral part of everyday business transactions. When a computer breaks down, it can significantly affect a business’ productivity. Greenwire can take care of computer repairs and maintenance by scheduling a visit from one of its technicians who are available and on-call any time of the day. 

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24/7 Support

IT problems can arise at any time of the day. Greenwire has IT experts ready to answer your call 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. It doesn’t matter when your IT problems strike on a holiday; with its team of dedicated IT professionals, Greenwire will resolve your IT problems for you. 

Want to learn more about how Managed Services can help your business succeed and grow? Contact Greenwire today for a free consultation and we’ll help you create an unbeatable IT solution tailor-made for your business. 

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Our knowledgeable technology professionals have years of experience in residential, commercial, corporate, educational, and government industries.

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