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Current business trends demand solid IT infrastructures that ensure quality services and data safety. Greenwire, an IT Company in Bonita Springs, offers professional services and solutions for all your business technology needs.

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Our Services

At Greenwire, we pride ourselves as a leading managed service provider (MSP) in Southwest Florida. We offer a wide range of custom-made IT solutions that will help streamline your business operations, enhance your company security, and increase productivity.

Our IT specialists also offer round-the-clock support and continually monitor your technology to ensure that your business is secure from data breaches.

Business communication has evolved significantly over the past few years. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) offers a more streamlined and modern communication method because it uses the Internet to receive and transmit calls.

At Greenwire, we help our clients set up a VoIP network, then monitor and fix any technical issues that might occur.

Telephony services we offer to businesses include:

  • High-volume call center telephone systems
  • Multi-location telephone systems
  • Phone systems for small business (5 users) and mid-sized companies (100 users)
  • Large company phone systems (over 100 users)

VoIP software installation also ensures reduced phone call costs and supports multitasking.

Technical problems in a company can cause huge losses of production time, data, and money. Greenwire Technology Solutions have enforced security packages to ensure your safety from cyber-attacks, data breaches, and regular maintenance of your equipment, ensuring smooth flow for your business.

Our IT Company in Bonita Springs offers a wide range of managed IT services including: 

  • Data backups
  • Virus & malware protection
  • Security services
  • Servers & Virtualization
  • Cloud services
  • Email solutions
  • Workstation & Computer Repair
  • Smart Automation & Control Systems

Greenwire Technology Solutions will help your business achieve their technology goals. Our experts will listen to your unique needs and implement custom-made IT solutions to help you take control of your business and its data.

Are you searching for ways to keep your workers happy, attract new customers, or make your business more interesting? Greenwire Technology Solutions offers satellite TV entertainment that can help make your business better.

Our tailor-made DIRECTV packages allow you to access the most popular sports, movies, and TV shows. We also offer the installation and configuration of theater systems.

By providing the latest CCTVs and surveillance equipment, our company ensures we meet your budget with your home and business safety at heart.

These security measures include infrared cameras, IP cameras, night vision security cameras, among others.

Wireless Networks, including LAN (Local Area Network) and MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), offer convenient connection for businesses. Our IT Company in Bonita Springs will help you design, install LAN/MAN, and mitigate the security risks that come with wireless networks.

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Why Choose Greenwire Technology Solutions

At Greenwire, we understand that your business needs solid IT infrastructure that does not compromise security.

Our IT Company in Bonita Springs offers a reliable and secure IT ecosystem configured by experts at affordable costs. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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Our knowledgeable technology professionals have years of experience in residential, commercial, corporate, educational, and government industries.

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