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Greenwire designs and deploys custom home automation solutions that give you a competitive advantage and more time to spend growing your organization.

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Integrate your technology with an easy-to-use smart home hub that can handle it all with a single touch. Greenwire Technology Solutions serves the Bonita Springs area with home automation installations and programming services. Our system is compatible with various devices throughout your home, including entertainment centers and security features. Automation hubs give you the convenience and flexibility to tailor your home to suit your preferences. This leading technology is used in luxury venues, hotels, Fortune 500 companies and buildings certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). With a home automation system, you can dare to be imaginative because its efficiency allows for extraordinary possibilities.

Practical Automation Hubs for the Smart Home

Control4® is a wireless internet connected, one-touch app that you can use to synchronize the various elements in your home. This state-of-the-art home automation controller provides exquisite programming capabilities with a sleek, user-friendly interface. The finest luxury automation hub is accessible for any home in Bonita Springs because its scalability lets you start with one room and expand from there. Its inconspicuous design means that it’s easy to install and blends in seamlessly with the rest of your décor.

Greenwire Technology Solutions also installs URC® Total Control™ products that coordinate everything from home theaters to accent lighting. The following are some of the other control features you’ll have access to with the convenience of a smart home hub:

Automated home climate control center and phone app

  • Thermostats
  • Shades
  • Security cameras
  • Automated door locks
  • Music
  • Entertainment centers
  • Lighting

As part of your home automation control system, you can have enhanced security with Honeywell Home™ Total Connect Comfort®. This advanced alarm equipment manufacturer gives you an overview of your home’s security from your laptop or cell phone. In addition to controlling premises lighting and locks, you will be made aware of intruders, floods or other threats to your home.

Smart Home Hubs with Greenwire Technology Solutions

Keep tabs on your children, pets and general security with an end-to-end encrypted home automation system that brings you maximum luxury comfort. Greenwire Technology Solutions combines the best in smart home technology to put total control in our customers’ hands. The home automation control systems we install are intelligent and reliable devices that merge flawlessly with the rest of your amenities. Since 2008, we’ve provided a vast array of technology solutions to residential and commercial customers in the Bonita Springs area. When you choose us for automation hub installation services, you’re gaining the expertise of qualified technicians with industry-standard certifications.

Integrate Smart Home Tech Into Your Life

If you’re ready to experience the innovation of home automation controllers and security systems for yourself, take the next step and contact our team. You can rely on the professionals at Greenwire Technology Solutions for installations and programming services. Bring simplicity to your household with technology that lets you run every aspect of your home from the palm of your hand. It’s easy to incorporate a home automation control system from room to room when you have our experienced technicians to handle the job. Property owners located in Bonita Springs can reach us at 239-299-9907 to learn more about installing a smart home hub today.

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