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Meaning “sound over distance”, telephony refers to electronically transmitting the human voice. And in the beginning, telephony dealt only with analog signals in the circuit-switched networks of the telephone companies. Years later, it referred to a mix of analog and digital circuits, but still within the telephone industry. Starting in the 1990s, telephony began to embrace sending voice over IP (VoIP) networks, which is today deployed by common carriers, private enterprises, and independent VoIP providers.


Greenwire Technology Solutions wants your business to succeed. We are a premier telecommunications company located in sunny Southwest Florida. We specialize in providing your business with complete communications solutions and our friendly and professional staff will provide your business with the tools you need for success. We can help your business communication work more efficiently and effectively, which will help lower costs, increase employee output, and increase your customers’ satisfaction.


Since every client is unique, we offer multiple solutions to fit all needs. All products are equally capable but offer a different set of functionality based on the client’s use case. As telecom technology continues to evolve, deciding which business phone system is best for your office is an ongoing challenge for IT departments. Whether you need a large corporate integration or a small business telephone, Greenwire helps you integrate them seamlessly into your workflow.

Greenwire offers an impressive range of business telephony products and services.

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  • Traditional & IP Systems
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VoIP System Design and Installation


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems transmit, forward, and route phone calls over the Internet.  Overall, VoIP can prove to be a valuable asset for businesses, because it allows employees to make phone calls and video calling over the Internet. Implementing VoIP could save your company a lot of time and money. But the problem is that most small businesses fail at VoIP because of poor implementation. With Greenwire’s experience in implementing VoIP, we can upgrade your phone systems to a whole new level, all at a minimal cost.


There is not one solution for every client. Each company has a different set of needs and a different solution to fit those needs. At Greenwire Technology Solutions, we take great care and pride in designing the correct solution for all clients.


This attention to detail and care that Greenwire Technology Solutions puts into each client allows for a customized design before project implementation has even commenced. Greenwire will help to take the stress away from this decision by designing, installing, and managing the business telephone and VM systems. We will design and manage the entire installation process, even acting as agent to help negotiate a better deal.

PBX and Phone Answering Systems


Greenwire Technology Solutions offers onsite and hosted PBX installations that are affordable even for small businesses. Our PBX solutions reduce the hassles of setting up additional phone equipment in your business premises. The toll free numbers and local numbers that we provide, if needed, are highly beneficial for both the user and the caller. The callers need only pay local rates even for long distance calls and the business can attract more customers to their business utilizing this. All you have to do is to choose us for your business PBX services where you can receive quality services.


The successful functioning of any business organization depends on its communication system. For small business organizations, we will provide an affordable small business PBX phone installation in order to maintain a powerful communication device. By making use of our affordable business PBX systems, you can promote a positive and professional image for your small business or organization among the potential customers.


It can be easy to lose sight of the ultimate goal when reviewing features, weighing the requests of internal departments, and looking at up-time charts. Your head may start to spin as you evaluate business phones from [CURRENT BRANDS HERE] and dozens of other brands. Just keep in mind that reliable service, valuable features, and an affordable plan are important and one size does not fit all:


Small Business Phone Systems (5 to 100 Users)


Medium and small businesses are best using either land line phone systems or cloud based VoIP services. Landlines offer the basic features such as voicemail, caller ID, and even call transfer without adding hardware to older systems. As you grow and need advanced features such as an auto-attendant you may want to make the jump to cloud based VoIP services.


Large Corporate Systems (Over 100 Users)


Larger businesses with an on-staff IT department can consider a locally hosted PBX system, as they already have the personnel in place to set up and maintain the system. Only with this economy of scale can businesses justify the investment in both equipment and manpower.


High Volume Call Center Telephone Systems


A VoIP system with virtual PBX is typically the best option for call centers fielding over 500 calls per day. Features available with a virtual PBX system such as call distribution, hierarchy routing, overflow queues, and real-time monitoring allow the call center to run smoothly.


Multi-Location Phone Systems


Cloud based VoIP can handle your multi-location business with ease and allows you to use one interface to manage and control your call details. If you have multiple locations, a business phone system that isn’t reliant on IT staff in a single location makes the most sense. No centralized IT department needed and your security department can still monitor all data remotely.


Phone Systems For Remote & Mobile Workforce


Utilize a VoIP system for remote workers with complete virtual office functionality. Employees can integrate existing mobile phones to take or transfer calls in a remote location and change routing on the fly.

Cloud Based VoIP/Virtual PBX Systems


Cloud based VoIP or virtual PBX (private branch exchange) business phone systems are hosted on a secure, shared, off-site data center. This allows non-tech employees to set up and use the virtual software platform to make or receive phone calls in the office, at remote locations, and even at home. Virtual PBX technology means less IT troubleshooting on the user side, a multitude of available features, and no requirements to spend money on hardware installations or upgrades. You buy the business phones, pay for monthly service, add SIP Trunks as necessary, that’s it. One problem with full VoIP systems has been reliability because if there is a localized Internet outage you temporarily lose all service. Cloud-based VoIP and PBX systems can help mitigate this.


Locally Hosted PBX


Locally hosted, or premise based traditional PBX is installed, managed, and maintained at the business site—usually in a server closet with other hardware. While the functions are very similar to cloud based systems, it should be noted that all features are provided by the installed equipment at your location. You get more control with a PBX system installation but upgrades can be costly as new equipment must be purchased, installed, and configured by someone on your staff. Run through traditional copper wiring and switches to handle transfers, extensions, and directories, they offer maximum reliability. VoIP systems are gaining in dependability as technology continues to advance. The tide is turning against traditional PBX networked office phone systems as the expense to set up and maintain the infrastructure is too great and cloud based options for SIP trunking with a web interface are increasingly reliable.

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