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PowerEdge T110 II, Windows Server 2012 Hangs on “Finalizing your Settings”

Greenwire® > IT Tech Support Articles  > Windows Server  > PowerEdge T110 II, Windows Server 2012 Hangs on “Finalizing your Settings”

PowerEdge T110 II, Windows Server 2012 Hangs on “Finalizing your Settings”

At first I assumed this problem was related to just my build, but after doing some googling, the only other people having the issue, also have PowerEdge T110 IIs. I found this article on the Dell Forums about it. In my experience with this issue, the first time around I attempted to install the Hyper-V VM using the included Dell Windows media. I know this was against my better judgement but I was hoping to save some time by not having to download a fresh ISO, and I figured…how bad could it be?

2013-08-02 03_10_19- - Remote Desktop Connection

The install took incredibly long, and afterwards seemed to hang on Finalizing your settings. I gave up after a while and downloaded a fresh RTM ISO of Windows 2012 and installed that. Although I ‘feel’ like it installed a bit faster, it still definitely hung on the Finalizing your settings step longer than usual. I can only theorise why however, perhaps some sort of interaction with proprietary hardware with virtualisation capability?

Regardless, the answer is just wait a long time. Once it installs the VM seem to operate responsively and quickly, just appears to be an installation quirk.

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  • Lee Wrall
    Posted at 8:43 am, October 14, 2013

    Cheers, seems to be happening on an R510 I just had delivered, thought there was something seriously wrong, I will be more patient

  • masterdebate
    Posted at 10:10 am, January 22, 2014

    lets see,… finalizing for 17 hours so far. R320

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