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Who are Greenwire’s ideal Clients?


Medical Offices

Greenwire has been working with Doctors offices for over a decade. If you’re working to implement a new EMR/EHR, practice management system, or secure networking, Greenwire has seen all of the common issues before.


As a licensed Low Voltage Electrical Contractor ourselves, Greenwire has faced the same issues that contractors and subcontractors do. We have web packages to help contractors establish, maintain, and build business from their web presence. If you have technicians or service people in the field and want to begin taking payment on site, we can help show you how. If you have computers or a server in your office that are running slow or are hindering your business, as a DELL channel partner, we can recommend custom solutions to supercharge your business.

Legal Offices

Greenwire has helped numerous Attorneys and Legal Practices establish their office networks. We’re familiar with all of the timekeeping, billing, and management solutions lawyers need to run an efficient practice. If you’re an attorney that needs help with document management for the courtroom, or backup and retention for your clients, Greenwire can make sure you have access to your document system when and where you need it, even if your physical office suffers a catastrophic event. Greenwire can also help speed up collection of your legal fees with the same best practices we use in our own offices.

Insurance and Financial Planning Agencies

Firms that deal with sensitive client information can be confident that they won’t be in the news for releasing that data to an unauthorized user. Greenwire is a certified HIPAA compliance trainer, and has helped many a doctor’s office secure their networks. If you need to be compliant with PCI/DSS or HIPAA regulations, Greenwire can perform the Audits, as well as recommend and implement solutions to prevent fines and penalties. If you’re planning firm is looking to implement CRM to help capture more business from their pipeline, Greenwire can help. Greenwire has the experience necessary to keep your computers supporting your business, not slowing it down.


If you’re in the business of building things, you need specialized support for your tools. CNC machines, 3d Printers, Scanners, Cameras, and of course Workstations and Servers are all within Greenwire’s scope. If you have anything with a specialized interface, we can help keep your tools sharp and running for you. If you need custom inventory tracking, or even just help implementing Quickbooks, Greenwire can make sure you’re manufacturing company is following industry standard best practices.

Restaurants and Hotels in Hospitality Industry

Greenwire, and most of our employees, were born in Florida. We know hospitality. If you’re a sports bar looking to add Direct TV (or DirecTV if you ask them), Sunday Ticket, or install Audio Air and let your customers pick which TV they want to listen to, Greenwire can help. Greenwire has been installing wireless for bars and restaurants since the nineties, we know how to make sure your patrons can get on the internet without accessing your Point of Sale reports, and we can support you as you grow and expand each year. We understand seasonal ebb and flow, and we can schedule around your busiest times so the impact to the bottom line is minimal.

Small Businesses


Residential Wireless

Residential Home Theater